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Geology insights, terrain information, climate data, and high-precision predictions.


Landslides, falling rocks and avalanches may pose a threat to your building and infrastructure – and potentially to your users. Taking the existing risk information to a new level of detail and quality will enable you to manage these risks with the needed acuity.

High-precision predictions

A unique combination geology insights, terrain information, climate data, and high-precision predictions in an unprecedented resolution powers our GeoCube.


The GeoCube has been developed together with one of the leading geo-environments globally.


Asset value and insurance

When issuing loans and  providing insurance accurate risk data is fundamental. GeoCube captures some the most consequential physical climate risks which, if left unchecked, may wipe out asset value or imply significant insurance payouts.


As a bank or insurer you should apply the best possible data to your credit and pricing models.  This is what the GeoCube is all about.





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Helge Jørgensen

CEO & Co-Founder

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What some of our
customers are saying

  • Jostein Mæland, COO at StormGeo

    “FloodCube Realtime improves business decision-making by transforming rainfall forecasts into actionable flood forecasts using cutting-edge modeling”

  • Hogne Hjelle, Manager at Bergen Water Utility

    “The FloodCube Planning tool makes it easy for advisors to change input data and to try different run-off situations. This could also be a well-suited tool for case handling, as it is easy to get an overview of what input data has been used in calculations that form the basis for a stormwater plan. “

  • Torstein Oen, Project Manager at OBOS Real Estate

    “Through 7A’s analysis tools and expertise, the effects of floods in the future were quickly illustrated. We also received good input on the regulations surrounding the planning of buildings in flood-prone areas.”