The company has secured an additional EUR 4 million in funding from strategic investors, positioning it for accelerated growth and enhanced flood resilience solutions worldwide.




Capital Increase Details:

  • Amount Raised: EUR 4 million
  • Purpose: To fuel internationalization efforts and expand 7Analytics’ footprint in North American and North European markets.
  • Investors: 7Analytics received backing from a group of investors led by Scale Capital who share the vision of creating a more resilient world.
  • Use of Proceeds:
    • Market Expansion: The capital infusion will enable 7Analytics’ solutions for accurate capturing of flood risk in the insurance sector and for real time flood prediction for asset owners in flood-prone areas empowering them to bring down damages.
    • US establishment: Later in 2024, 7Analytics opens a US subsidiary to build partnerships and implement sustainable flood risk solutions across the continent.
    • Research and development: The company will invest in cutting-edge technology, data analytics, and predictive modelling to enhance flood risk assessment and mitigation strategies.
    • Talent Acquisition: 7Analytics plans to recruit top talent in GIS, data science, and business development to drive innovation and customer success.





Jonas Aas Torland, 7Analytics’ CCO and co-founder, expressed his gratitude to investors and emphasized the company’s commitment to making an impact in a riskier world:


“Flooding has the highest economic impact on society in terms of natural disasters, yet insurers are leaving flood-prone areas because they lack adequate risk information. Through our deeper approach, we are giving insurers data that accurately assess the specific risk of each property.”


7Analytics’ innovative approach combines technology and data-driven insights. By expanding internationally, the company aims to address the urgent need for effective flood risk management in vulnerable regions.





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About: 7Analytics is a Norwegian tech startup developing superior high-precision models for predicting floods and landslides. We use hydrology, geology, and data science to develop high-precision risk models that help everyone from asset owners to insurers to plan for imminent and future impacts of climate change. Our dedicated team of scientists achieves unmatched prediction granularity by leveraging advanced geospatial data re-processing, high-res datasets, and AI models. We are proud to be a team of positive, analytical, trustworthy, and committed professionals, driven by a common goal: To make the world a better place for future generations.