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Understand nature.
Adapt to climate change.

Why 7A?

We use hydrology, geology, and data science to develop high-precision risk tools that help everyone from infrastructure owners to architects plan for imminent and future impacts of climate change.

7A platform

  • FloodCube Planning

    Sustainable planning of stormwater management

  • FloodCube Realtime

    A realtime flood warning solution

  • FloodCube Sensor

    Assess risk of flooding in real time

  • GeoCube

    Enables you manage risks with the needed acuity

  • RiskCube

    Making existing risk information available at your fingertip

Climate adaptation for your industry


Our solutions ecosystem empowers you to assess and monitor nature risk along extensive road networks.


Our platform enables you to assess and monitor nature risk along extensive railway networks.


Our capabilities within water surface flow can enhance your ability to accurately model reservoirs.

Energy plants

Our solutions ecosystem helps you minimize the impact of climate hazards and nature risks which otherwise may interrupt your business operations.

Real estate owners

Keep your high-value real estate and critical infrastructure safe and operational in the case of severe weather events.

Real estate developers

Today’s design and planning decisions will benefit generations to come.

Data centers

Reduce downtime and prevent damage with nature risk information.

Public sector

Building permitting and planning with greater precision and efficiency.


Minimize the impact of climate hazards which otherwise may interrupt your business operations.


We provide solutions that help you understand, plan, and manage nature risks and their impact on your project.


Innovative designs for the future require architects to carefully consider climate and nature footprint.


Make risk-based operational decisions that reduce downtime, prevent damage, and protect lives.


Accurate risk information helps you price your products and engage in prevention.


Our solutions ecosystem helps you minimize the impact of climate hazards and nature risks which otherwise may interrupt your services.

  • Roads

  • Railways

  • Hydropower

  • Energy plants

  • Real estate owners

  • Real estate developers

  • Data centers

  • Public sector

  • Retail

  • Engineering

  • Architecture

  • Manufacturing

  • Insurers

  • Health


The climate is expected to be both wilder, wetter, and more unpredictable in the years to come. Read how our solutions have helped industries become more climate resilient.
The climate is expected to be both wilder, wetter, and more unpredictable in the years to come. We write on climate change and bring you unfiltered stories.
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What some of our
customers are saying

  • Jostein Mæland, COO at StormGeo

    “This collaborative R&D effort will allow business decision makers to leap from rainfall forecasts, which require fuzzy risk interpretations, to actionable flood inundation forecasts that communicate how high the water will rise at their assets and operations based on cutting edge flood modeling.”

  • Herman Smith, CDO at Multiconsult

    “Storm water is one of the main concerns as we see megatrends such as urbanization and climate change affecting every neighborhood. Because of this, the requirements from the authorities are becoming increasingly stricter when it comes to flood planning. As we integrate sustainable decision tools in our growing toolbox, this will be a great enabler for high precision storm water planning. Climate adaptation is relevant in a wide range of project, and a high priority field within the Multiconsult group.”

  • Morten Fenne, TeamLead & Consulting engineer at Prosjektil AS

    “The focus on urban flooding is increasing and
    we see a great advantages in being able to do simulations
    early in a planning phase. When using the FloodCube, we quickly get much more accurate and a correct picture of the flood situation, both with the current situation and with the planned development. The simulations help us to quickly identify the problem areas and we can easily try out different measures.”

  • Hogne Hjelle, Manager at WA-department, Bergen Municipality

    “7Analytics has developed a tool that can make calculations for before and after development situations, and which shown in a map solution. This is a new tool that makes it easy for advisors to change input data and to try out different runoff situations. At the same time, this could be a well-suited tool for case handling, in that it is easy to get an overview of what input data has been used in calculations that form the basis for a surface water plan.”

  • Torstein Oen, Prosjektleder OBOS Nye Hjem

    “One of several arguments was the flood situation during conservation. Through 7A’s analysis tools and expertise, the effects of floods in the future were quickly illustrated. We also received good input on the regulations surrounding the planning of buildings in flood-prone areas. The argument against conservation became very clear.”

Join us

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  • Nature risk
  • Data science
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