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Is it possible to get stormwater amounts in the Floodcube?

Yes, it’s all calculated using the rational method.

Can you make edits to the terrain?

Yes, you can edit both the terrain and land use. Either by drawing your own measures or upload a terrain model.

Who uses the Floodcube?

Stormwater is important in all stages of development in addition to day-to-day handling. The Floodcube is used by municipalities, architects and landscape architects, planners, developers and insurance companies among others.


How can I get help?

We are ready to assist you – write us at


How does regulation impact climate adaptation?

In many countries, stormwater analysis are mandatory as part of building permitting. We have seen stricter rules being applied every year to ease the impacts of heavy urbanization and more risky climate. Finally, the EU Taxonomy for sustainable finance also ask for disclosure of climate hazards and adaptation.

How do you go about data?

We utilize a wide range of open source data for instance on weather and topography. We match these with a large repository of own data. We apply strict quality assurance to all data use and comply with regulation on how to safeguard sensitive information.

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