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Buildings and infrastructure are made to last. Make it resilient.



Your work is designed to last for generations whether a building or a stretch of infrastructure. This means dealing with a changing climate.
We provide solutions that help you understand, plan, and manage nature risks and their impact on your project.


You will benefit from our solutions ecosystem whether your area of expertise is flood management, water engineering, buildings, sustainability and risk, urban or area planning – and so will your clients and partners.


Innovative designs for the future require architects to carefully consider climate and nature footprint, but also all matters of resilience.
Our solutions ecosystem helps you integrate nature risk and climate resilience into you projects from the early phases.


Developers increasing ask due integration of these dimensions into new developments. Already at the competition stage, we enable you to demonstrate risk mitigation as well as blue and green dimensions of your project.


Make risk-based operational decisions that reduce downtime, prevent damage, and protect lives with nature risk information from the solutions ecosystem of 7Analytics.

Products for your industry

  • FloodCube Planning

    Sustainable planning of stormwater management

  • FloodCube Realtime

    A realtime flood warning solution

  • InzureFlood

    Assess actual climate risk for insurance pricing

  • GeoCube

    Enables you manage risks with the needed acuity

  • RiskCube

    Making existing risk information available at your fingertip


The climate is expected to be both wilder, wetter, and more unpredictable in the years to come. Read how our solutions have helped industries become more climate resilient.
The climate is expected to be both wilder, wetter, and more unpredictable in the years to come. We write on climate change and bring you unfiltered stories.
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Find the best solution for your industry. Please get in touch to learn more about how you can become climate resilient.

Jonas Aas Torland

CCO & Co-Founder

Other industries

  • Asset owners

    Safeguard business continuity and plan for tomorrow’s climate.

  • Government & infrastructure

    Manage climate risks and plan for a resilient future.

  • Financial institutions

    Know climate risks. Alert your clients and engage in prevention.