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The future demands cleaner, better and more sustainable solutions. Climate change is expected to lead to an increased frequency of intense rainfall periods, as well as an increased amount of total precipitation. This fact must be taken into account in all development plans.

Our impact

As a company, we are committed and passionate to working systematically towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Our key goals are selected based on the industries in which we operate and the products we produce, develop and deliver.

Main Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we contribute to:

11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

Modelling of runoff water is crucial for developing sustainable cities. Sustainable runoff management secures resilient cities ready for handling the future climate and prevents and reduces the number of affected people, deaths, and disappearances.

13 Climate Action

Our solution reduces the risk of flood damages, hence the need for rebuilding structures after intense precipitation events. This has a clear impact on the the CO2 emissions.

15 Life on Land

Securing safe water paths for animals is crucial for retaining a natural diversity. Both clean water and retaining water paths to natural areas is crucial for securing a natural diversity.

Our commitment

Integrity is a key part of our DNA, and we take pride in equipping our customers with the right tools to tackle even the most complex challenges. We never compromise on optimal performance and leave no room for shortcuts. Every day, we work tirelessly to grasp, analyze and solve issues to help build a more sustainable future.

Environmental Policy

We shall use energy produced from renewable energy sources and offset the energy that isn’t. We shall print as little as possible, and only what is necessary and use recycled paper when possible. We shall use as little carbon intensive transportation as possible and reduce our traveling in general. We shall reduce our consumption of electronics and furniture to the best of our possibilities, and reuse whatever we can reuse or recycle. We shall engage with our suppliers to promote the same environmental principles stated herein.

Human Rights Policy

At 7Analytics we have a clear commitment to respecting human rights that everyone within our organization must adhere to. When it comes to our suppliers, we encourage the application of decent working conditions, a living wage and reasonable working hours. We are committed to providing our employees a fair and safe workplace without injury or harm, and a workplace that promotes diversity and inclusion. We recognize human rights as a universal requirement, and we are committed to upholding those rights as expressed in the International Bill of Human Rights and the International Labour’s Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Additionally, we are committed to following the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and to continuously improving our approach to human rights following these norms and regulations. Any adverse impacts we may cause in relation to human rights we take seriously, and in such cases, whether it is by contributing or causing any such impacts, we shall co-operate or provide the appropriate, timely and legitimate processes to remediate them.

Business Ethics Commitment

7Analytics is a company that focuses on building tools and delivering unique proptech solutions for risk mitigation, climate adaptation and nature analytics to achieve sustainable cities. Our company is based on a zero tolerance to corruption principle. This applies to all forms of business we make, whether within the public or the private sector. We avoid situatuions that may give room to conflict of interests. We promote openness and transparency within our emplyees and encourage everoune to speak up if the identify behavior or attitudes that do not align with our values.

Whistleblowing Channel

The whistleblowing channel is aimed at any stakeholder who has observed, or experienced acts that violate or might violate the 7Analytics Code of Conduct. 7Analytics will handle all reports sensibly. While we implement this solution, please contact us at The whistleblowing channel is in work in progress so that concerns can be reported anonymously. Read more about whistleblowing in our Code of Conduct.

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