TotalEnergies is a major player in the energy transition – both as emitter and abator. In 2022, the energy giant published an outline of what its businesses might look like as we become a carbon-neutral energy company by 2050


Own operations at risk


As part of its risk management, TotalEnergies identifies physical climate risk such as floods as fundamental for operations both when speaking of acute and of chronic risks.

TotalEnergies in the US

Across global operations, TotalEnergies has more than 100,000 employees. The company has been operating in the US since the 1950s and now count more than 7,500 on the team that manages energy extraction and production including 25 GW of installed renewables capacity.

Both  the US headquarters and many of TotalEnergies’ operations are in and around Houston, Texas. Being situated on a flood plain and close to the Mexican Gulf make both the administrative center and many energy assets exposed to the region’s risky climate including  hurricanes.

Keeping up HQ operations

Since May 2023, 7Analytics has provided 24/7 flood risk prediction for the TotalEnergies Tower in downtown Houston.


Early flood risk warning enables clients, such as TotalEnergies, to act. They can adapt operations, move sensitive items, reroute supplies, ask staff to work from home, put up flood barriers, or take many other actions that help build resilience.


Timely action reduces the economic impacts in terms of fewer damages and less disruption helping to lower costs and safeguard business continuity both during a flood event and the following period where HQ operations otherwise may have had to be shut down for cleaning and repair works to take place.



7Analytics’ contribution

We provide real time prediction of flood risk for TotalEnergies Tower. Through our FloodCube Realtime API, hourly predictions of the coming 8-72 hours will be displayed as warnings in TotalEnergies’ weather and disaster risk dashboard provided by StormGeo. Here, risk managers and operations staff can track climate risks live.


In a zone that is exposed to risky weather with high changes of severe flooding, our 24/7 flood monitoring allows the client to protect sensitive equipment, facilitate employee mobility, avoid damages, and minimize operational impact.


The resilience partnership is soon to be expanded to also include renewable energy sites.

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